Monday, August 30, 2010

I confess, I tweet & I love it

I know some people think twittering is for twits and there's not much to it. I am here to bust that myth right open. Lately I have personally discovered the joy that Twitter can bring. Twitter has introduced me to lots of new information, learnings and ideas. It provides a channel for me to express myself about the topics I love...and politics. The latter is an interest, not a love, my political tweets are more about a compulsion to have my say on issues affecting my nation. I adore how quickly information and ideas are shared via tweets; an absolute delight to the quick thinking, communications loving Gemini.

I'm talking Twitter right now because it's just led me to a little gem, perhaps also a clue. One of the people I 'follow' on Twitter 're-tweeted' a link to '10 tips for Writing a Short Story'. I loved these tips, I instantly embraced the learnings imparted by Amanda Lohrey on the art of writing. I particularly enjoyed that it came in the form of 10 brief points!

Lately the idea of writing a short story has been floating in my mind; however I'm acutely aware that I haven't been learning about story writing since primary school. Back in those days, short stories were reallly short! I'm passionate about learning more and developing my writing skills. I like that Twitter is offering me the opportunity to make the connections I need to tap into the world of writing. Seeing as I've decided The Answer Is Writing, I believe it's important to share my newly discovered tips for writing right here.

You can visit The Inc.Blot yourself to discover Amanda Lohrey's 'Top ten tips for writing a short story'. Even if you're not a writer, if you're more of a creative/artistic type, I believe some of the tips could be helpful in your pursuits too. Enjoy!

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