Sunday, August 29, 2010

Open mind, Open heart

I've got lots that I could report today, I've been learning and exploring lots and am excited about the possibilities and potentials that exist. I'm not sure where this post is headed. Let's call it a mystery post. We can take a ride on the mystery train, I suppose it's probably the same train I rode into struggletown on. So chugging on, next stop? Who knows. Let's travel with an open mind and open heart.

A few days ago something significant happened. A friend of mine introduced me to a friend of his. I liked her straight away. I didn't realise this was a possibility over the internet. I knew it could happen in 'real life', love at first sight and that kind of a thing. But this new friend of mine was instantly likeable. I felt able to say whatever came to mind with her; none of the usual reservation or care that I might employ when conversing with someone new, especially a new internet friend.

As we got to talking she shared with me that she too has thyroid troubles, as we continued to chat we found we had more and more in common. She spoke of a book she is writing, it reminded me very much of the intention I had set when I created my first blog Innerbeam.

Over the next couple of days we continued to discuss our life experiences, our passions, our fears, our hopes and dreams. We soon discovered that we have the same life path number 38/11 (numerology), what a coincidence..or perhaps, something more? I feel it makes sense of our instant ease with one another and why we share so many similar stories and dreams.

 In the short time we have known each other we have discovered many commonalities. Did I mention we are also the same age? I am excited to have met someone with whom I can communicate with so effortlessly, little explanation is required between us, because even though we can't see each other, it's as if we are nodding our heads alot as the other speaks. We're in sync, in fact sometimes we pre-empt each other and answer the others' question before it is asked.

We're both on the journey of self-discovery and seeking to understand how we might move forward in a way that fulfills our desire for self-expression, creativity and ways to  help and support others with joy and abundant energy.

I feel blessed to have discovered a friend such as her, as with any time in life, it is nice to share with someone who is going through the kinds of experiences you are. As I am currently unwell and unemployed, my networking opportunities with people such as myself might appear to be in the doctor's waiting room or Centrelink . So far I've not made any friends in the aforementioned locations.

The Internet has been fantastic lately, I can do so much from the couch, I can bring many aspects of the world to me. It's also provided a means to meeting and connecting with people who share similar philosophies or passions as I do. I'm finding ways to broaden my horizons from my parent's living room in the country.

My loved ones know that I can become extremely passionate about certain topics or causes. Sometimes when I'm with them and energetically sharing with them about such topics they might begin to glaze over or appear distracted. Sometimes I'm sharing information about food and nutrition that I think might help; even though my suggestions appeal as much to them as it would if they suggested I take up smoking. In such situations I know that I need to stop talking, but I get on a roll, it's hard! Kind of like when you're newly in love, you can't help but drop your lover's name into conversation, you just have to talk about them because they are on your mind. I'm not ashamed to say I'm a lover of ideas. Some friends have told me I think too much, they need to realise that there is an up side to this, it helps to minimise the amount of times I drop my boyfriends name into conversations!

This wise one inside has been whispering to me for some time that I need to find a channel for my passions, for my need to impart information and wisdom. It is such a waste of energy to use my passion with people who don't want a bar of it; it's also a sure way to piss them off. The wise one suggests that there are people out there who would embrace and appreciate what I have to share. I sense that this journey I am on will help me to develop the tools and ideas for how I can channel my energies for positive outcomes, for both myself and the people I connect with.

I appreciate how sitting at home on the couch, cruising around the internet has helped me to explore ideas I am in love with; particularly those relevant to holistic health, psychology, food, personal growth, spirituality and writing. This research has created the potential for connecting with people who also feel the need to talk about such things as much as I do. In opening my heart and mind to new possibilities new doors are opening.

So the train is slowing, now arriving, in a place of great interest to me, with much to explore. The ticket I purchased to get here was the 'open heart,open mind' mystery kind. It's slightly risky, though potentially great value for money. I am tempted to encourage you to do the same with the old  'ahh but you only live once' line, but I don't believe that at all. However, that discussion is for another day!

P.S If you're interested in the idea that we live more than one life, I've just seen a great show on Oprah about healing through past life regression. I ordered the book 'Many lives, many masters' (from my loungeroom). After I've had a read I might just post here on the topic.

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