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I'm glad that you've found The Answer Is Writing. If you're someone who is experiencing chronic illness or an ongoing lack of vitality then now is the time to take a deep breath, sink into your chair/pillow/beanbag/bed and spend some time exploring and soaking up the love, acceptance, guidance and compassion that is here for you.

Ilness is a really tough road, often it takes us right 'off track' and positions us in a place we never would have chosen for ourselves, it's like our train (body) has been de-railed and the fallout is anywhere from mild to damn hellish. Me personally, it's the latter, I have described my own experience with chronic illness as 'my own personal hell'.

The question I'm daring to pose here at The Answer Is Writing is: What if illness is a gift?

Notice what happens in your body in response to the question, are you intrigued? Angry? Furious? Sad? Relieved? *insert your emotion here*.

It's not an easy pill to swallow, the concept that with illness we're offered a gift. If you believe it but don't like the sound of it or don't believe it but like the sound of it, then perhaps stick around. If you're willing to allow a shift (or lots of them), if you're open to allowing H.O.P.E into your life and want to recieve support, resources and experience no longer feeling alone, then you're in the right place.

Further to that, if you're thinking 'hell yeah, bring it on, this is just what I've been looking for' then you have SURELY found a new place to call home in this world wide web.

I invite you to do just that, get comfy, perhaps make yourself a cup of tea. You're welcome to get involved as much as you like- leave comments, e-mail or tweet me with questions and to share your experience, forward links to your loved ones and offer feedback.

When I hear your voice, your story and your needs; it strengthens my inner beam and it helps to guide me and fuel my passion for what I do.

In my experience, chronic illness and/or ongoing lack of vitality can become a full time job. Just managing to meet your own basic needs is a significant effort, let alone seeking answers and help on the path towards healing.

Squirrel's Handy Resources

I have spent so much time online exploring philosophies about healing, aswell as with my head in books or attending appointments with doctors, health retreats, alternative medicine practitioners and counsellors (some call me a squirrel, collecting resources food for thought wherever I go). I don't want my time, efforts and money to go to waste, so here I intend to share the sites, people, places and ideas that have helped me and as I continue to discover new gems I will endeavour to share them.

Removing the Masks

Homeopath Sinead Fine shares her knowledge and personal experiences of illness and well-being from a holistic view point. She discusses the conenction between beliefs, life circumstances, the choices we make and specific health concerns. A site well worth exploring!

Sarah Wilson

Sarah's honesty is refreshing, her willingness to share of herself and her knowledge is heartening. I find that visiting Sarah's site helps me to feel stronger, like everything is ok. What she writes resonates with me and her posts about Auto-Immune disease provide great insight into the issues underlying AI & how we can heal ourselves. Sarah has indeed healed herself of AI, I suggest exploring her articles to find out how.

Louise Hay

Reading Louise Hay's book several years ago changed my life, I refer to her book 'You Can Heal Your Life' as my bible. If you're interested in the connection between our past experiences, thoughts, emotions and our physical body I highly suggest you start by reading 'You Can Heal Your Life'. You'll find a copy in most libraries.

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