About Me

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I'm Sarah and I'm in my mid 20's. I was a practicing Social Worker until early 2010 when I became so unwell I could barely get out of bed, let alone meet the demands of my job.

Months passed before I knew what was going on. I knew that one way to describe it was 'burn out'. I also knew that I felt awful and did not have the answers I needed yet.

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and found myself with lots of questions. I decided I needed to look within to find many of these answers.This blog is not about an illness, the illness is a symptom, the tip of an iceberg.

Illness has been an instigator of me doing what I love-writing, sharing, communicating, learning & exploring & listening to my intuition.

All I know is that I need never go back to life as I was living it, change is happening....and that
The Answer Is Writing.

From writing here on The Answer Is Writing I have been inspired to create a place to share my learnings, because I feel they're relevant for us all. Often we have a crisis in our life that forces us to 'take stock'. We don't necessarily have to go through the crisis if we take stock earlier, but for some, like me, it wasn't going to happen without a massive push...or should I say without the rug being pulled from underneath my feet.

Being the Gemini I am I need two blogs...the other is here.

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