Freelance Me

Do you need a writer?

I adore writing & I love being handed creative licence. Some of my favourite topics are spirituality, self-development, psychology, the environment & sustainability, holistic health & well-being and self nurturing.
I also love to explore new ideas, so throw something at me and let’s see what kind of magic we can make happen.
My great strength is writing with flair and engaging an audience. I am not so good at writing something boring, straightforward or solely factual.
I once tried to write a ‘news’ article for Technorati and it ended up in their ‘soapbox’ section.

You won’t need to ask me to stand on a soapbox twice, it is one of my favourite places to be. If you like your words put together in an expressive, passionate and well informed manner then I’m the one for the job.
I love to research and gather ideas and opinions and can write persuasively or in a balanced way.

If you think we might make a good fit, then flick me an e-mail on, I’ll put my freelancing hat on and we can talk ‘business’.
Discover more of my work on Inner Beam or Technorati.

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