Sunday, April 17, 2011

Returning Home

I have just returned from retreat, I must admit that I've been feeling a little anxious about getting a blog post up- either here or on Inner Beam. So tonight I find myself ready and willing to write after a lovely chakra clearing meditation from Goddess Leonie.

Last time I did the meditation I fell asleep with ease, tonight I'm feeling revitalised and a need to write. I think meditation is alot like Reiki- it fills the vibratory need, in other words, it meets you where you're at and helps with whatever you require.

So about the retreat...where do I begin?

It was amazing; who would have known that within an hours drive of home I would find myself in the bush at such a gorgeous retreat. I truly would have believed that I'd travelled over seas to arrive in such a place, it felt so far from home. The experience was relaxing, insightful, clarifying, an opportunity for growth, detoxifying and completely and totally what I needed.

I have returned home feeling more like myself than I have for a long time. During my time away no aspect of Self was ignored. There was an abundance of healthy food, vege juices and pure water, meditation and yoga and walks, opportunities for stillness and reflection, reiki and massage, wood fires, comfy relaxation lounges, awesome views and informal 'counselling' and teachings.

I came to realise that all the aforementioned were important ingredients for healing; the healthy food made it easier to hear my truth and to lighten up, the movement and yoga helped my flexibility both physically and mentally, the reiki heals on all levels, the informal counselling/teachings inspired me, got me reflecting and made me want to nurture and listen to my Self. I could go on and on...but I won't.

Things changed 'big time' during the retreat.

It was actually as if everything changed. The last however many years of my life made more sense, I could observe patterns of behaviour and thinking and where I'd turned my back on my true path. I could see how fears and doubts caused me to believe that others knew something I didn't and therefore I should be listening more closely to them than myself. I saw that I had known since a very young age why I was here, what I wanted to do, but I'd become confused and tried to do it just the same as everyone else does. I hope I haven't lost you, I'm talking life purpose kind of stuff here.

The theory behind Reiki goes a long way to explain what can happen when we're not in alignment with our true selves and we lose sight of 'our dream'. Reiki teaches us that being out of sync with our higher self/soul/god/spirit causes discomfort. This dis-ease can be in many forms- emotional disturbances, accidents, addictions, illness etc. Reiki teachings say that our higher self loves us so mucht that it will do anything to 'wake us up' and remind us of our real dream when we veer too far from our paths; initially the attempts at waking us up are gentle. However if we continue to ignore the calls from our inner self they can become more alarming. I have learned about all of this before; but somehow I didn't have the clarity (or the memory) to apply it all to my own life.

In summary, during my 4 day retreat forgiveness happened, clarity was found and my energy started to improve; I felt lighter and brighter. I still feel this way now; I have kept up my daily meditation practice, I intend to maintain the yoga and eating well and am drinking plenty of water. My focus is now narrowed and I trust that as I stay true to myself and begin exploring my 'dream' that things will unfold in miraculous ways. Stay tuned for updates :-)

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