Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The practical aspect: How I healed in 2010

This post is in response to the December 19 promp from Reverb10– Healing. What healed you this year? Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution? How would you like to be healed in 2011? (Author: Leonie Allan)

If only I truly knew what had healed me! I think it was a combination of factors, I tried many therapies this year and I believe each and every one had a positive effect and contributed to my healing from hyperthyroidism. I tried to cover all my bases including western medicine and alternative practices.

For the first five months of being unwell I was diagnosed incorrectly with depression and anxiety. Once I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism I was told it was most likely an auto-immune condition, it took four more months and a second opinion before the truth was acknowledged that in fact my illness had been caused by about 2 years of consuming dangerously high levels of iodine in a soy milk. Hence, my healing journey had to be really holistic and depended alot on me trusting my own intuition to guide me to the truth. Once I knew the truth it still took time to get my medical professionals on board (eg. initiating my own tests to prove my theory).

The list of healing techniques I employed includes, but is not limited to:

health psychology
intuitive counselling
naturopathy (super dooper herbs)
bowen therapy
endocrinology (contact me for Dr's name)
Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' approach
Home made vege juices
Caroline Myss's 'Anatomy of the spirit' & 'Sacred Contracts'
bio-feedback testing
Sarah Wilson's Thyroid related posts.
Alkalising the body (here is an example of a resource)
Knowing I wasn't alone in developing dis-ease as a result of excess iodine consumption.
Writing both here and at Inner Beam and self-expression in general (metaphsyically the throat/thyroid is about self-expression)

If I've provided a link it means that person or resource comes highly recommended and I'm happy to share with you, if you'd like any further info on any of the above practitioners or practices please e-mail me.

Aside from the practitioners I went to see and the books I read, it was my own intuition that also helped me to heal. I had to honour my own knowing and stay strong in the understanding that I know my body best, because what I was being told by others didn't always resonate as truth for me (particularly when it came to specialists). I know that following my nose and doing my own research helped alot in understanding what had caused my illness and how to treat it.

Another big factor in getting to the bottom of what was happening with my health was speaking with Lindy Stratford, who is a highly skilled psychic. She helped me through an hour long phone session and subsequent follow up, employing her counselling skills and working with her intuition to help clarify many of my questions. Her guidance helped me to feel confident I was on the right track and to understand the lessons I was learning during this phase of my life. Lindy also helped me to be able to identify more quickly the 'truth' in situations that would come up in future because I identified that we'd already spoken about it. Lindy was very accurate and has such a great way of being honest and supportive, I highly recommend her to anyone who's interested in working with intution and enjoying outcomes beyond the 'ordinary'.
In 2011 I would like to be healed by finding balance in my life, through love and laughter and working in a vocation that truly suits me and that I find satisfying and energising.

Please do share this post with friends or in places that you know people could benefit from my experience and learning, I know that the tips and support I found online were a critical part of my healing process.

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